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Thread: new to PMASI

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    new to PMASI

    hi all! my names Brent and ive been in the SW side of the hobby for roughly 2-3 years. I currently have a 125g tank with a diy 55g sump/refugium. below is a list of my current equipment and some of my fish.
    72"-coralife PC fixture (getting upgraded to LEDS soon!!)
    1 Jabeo WP40 running on w1s1 mode and 1 koralia evo 750
    Bubble Magus Curve 7 skimmer
    dual felt filter socks.
    24" coralife dual-t5 refugium light.
    Danner mag18 return pump.
    2 Marineland 200w Visa-therm heaters.

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    Washington pa
    current stock include the following.
    1- niger trigger
    1- snowflake occ. clown
    1- gold-stripe maroon clown
    1- Lt tang
    1-purple tang
    1-green mandarin
    1- dragon sleeper goby
    1- dragon wrasse
    1- saddle valentine puffer
    2 blue green chromis
    plan on adding 2 more fish and then it will be stocked. also running a BRS 4 stage rodi unit and have both the reef and sw API master test kits.
    I know its a lot of info but I take pride in my tank and the maintaince I do on it. glad to finally be a member on this forum and cant wait to meet and talk withother members!

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    Welcome. Are you coming to the pmasi frag swap tomorrow?

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    Welcome! You've come to the right place! Definitely try to make it to the swap tomorrow! It's going to be a blast!

    PS. What town do you live in?

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