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Thread: New Shipments EVERY WEEK! More BIG BIG NEWS inside......

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    New Shipments EVERY WEEK! More BIG BIG NEWS inside......

    Hey guys, more improvements and changes!

    1.) We get NEW corals in every week! Yes, every week.......
    2.) We have 800 coral animals priced from $9.99
    3.) We have a FREE FRAG TANK !! (maybe I should lead with this one)
    4.) ACROPORAS!!!!!!!! CHEAP, LARGE COLONIES!! Currently have bottlebrushes, stags, pocilliporas, and STRAWBERRY SHORTCAKE! (not frags, folks......)
    5.) RBTAs, every day, all the time......
    6.) Pricing COMPLETELY revised, and SUPER Simple.....BULK Pricing

    Sample of current corals in now:

    Blue Sympodium (very rare, super blue, all sized colonies)
    War Coral Favia
    WELSY WELSY WELSIES (I have about 20 various types and multi-color)
    Crazy CHALICES including 24ks, pinks, bubblegums, purple monsters......
    SCOLYS for under $80 !! (yes, they are all healthy and multi-colored)
    Branching Duncans
    Hairy giant mushrooms
    Crazy yellow zoas, EZs, and many more..
    6" squamosa Clam

    ...and much much more......

    We hope to extend our open days soon, so stay tuned! See CL ads for more pics!

    LR Sale $4.99/lb. pods and goodies added (no baddies)



    Also, Put your order in for a special fish delivery next week....

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