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Thread: For sale - Mp40w (not es)

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    For sale - Mp40w (not es)

    I have a MP40w (not ES) for sale. I bought it used and have been using it on a tank I am tearing down for the last several months. It's in great condition, but I won't need it anymore.

    $280 for pick up (I'll be at C-Sea frag swap this weekend) or $300 shipped.

    I'm also advertising it for sale at a frag swap this weekend and on another forum, so first to pay is the first to get it.

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    Bump. Come on, guys! I've got some upgradin' to do. Somebody buy this thing. $290 shipped or $270 at frag swap.

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    My offer still stands :-)

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    Quote Originally Posted by hybridazn View Post
    My offer still stands :-)
    Is the Vortech MP 40 still for sale??

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    Sorry sold

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