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Thread: Getting out of hobby for now

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    Getting out of hobby for now

    I'm getting out of the hobby for a while and am giving away my stock

    And other assorted reef stock

    Free for who ever can drive down to Follansbee WV to pick up


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    I sent you a PM! I would also be interested in any equipment you might be selling...

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    My name is Julie my number is (724)205-9040 what all are you giving away? I am very interested.
    Thank you.

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    You know im down. Ill bring my own buckets :P

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    ill be in follansbee later today sept 28. lemme know if you have anything still available 724-993-0895 Thanks! Shawn

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    I have someone interested and coming. If for some reason, that falls thru I'll reach out to the next person on this list, thanks

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