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Thread: Collecting orphaned tropicals in Long Island

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    Wink Collecting orphaned tropicals in Long Island

    Hi there! I have been doing some research about going to Long Island and collecting some Caribbean species that have been carried up by the Gulf Stream, and I wanted to know if anyone has ever done this, and/or your thoughts on this matter. I LOVE to collect my own fish, and my husband and I were thinking about going for a weekend and trying our hand at it.

    If we go, and anyone lends us collecting gear (slurp guns, aerators, a seine net perhaps?) they would have first dibs on what we bring back. Also, if anyone has any interest in joining us, let me know! We would go sometime in Sept. before the water starts to chill again.

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    We are planning to go next Fri. and Sat. (Sept 6&7 I believe), and we purchased a seine net, but if you live in the Greensburg area and have anything at all to loan us for the trip (5 gallon buckets with lids, battery operated air pumps, cool nets, etc.) you will have first dibs on what we bring back!

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    Did you go? What did you guys catch? I would have loaned you some stuff, but just saw the post now, sorry. But sounds like an interesting idea and wondering if the trip was fruitfull.

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    Thanks, Jamie! We just got back yesterday, and it was an amazing experience! I am just about to open a new thread to tell you all about it! And since you were the ONLY one to respond, you get to be the first to pick out your free fish! PM me or read my new post to see what's up for grabs!

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