Hey guys and gals. I have some corals I am going to be selling frags of. If interested PM is key.

Frags will be between 1-2" unless otherwise noted.

$500 Efflo - $25
ORA Ponape Birdsnest - $35
Lime in the Sky Staghorn - $20
meteor shower cyphastrea - $20
unknown green deepwater acro - $15 ( only one of these, I am selling the encrusted piece I have in my tank.)
Sunset montipora - $20
blue/green acro - $10 ( will sell entire piece if anyone is interested. it is about 7-8" tall and about 5" across. $50)
Blue Tipped Staghorn - $10
Bubblegum Monster Chalice(one eye frag, but could come with a few extra - $35
Tyree Miami Hurricane Chalice( same as BGM) -$35
Orange Cap Montipora (3-5") - $15
ORA Joe the Coral - $35

I think that is all for right now. pics can be upon request. they will be with an iphone though.