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Thread: For sale: Fish, corals, clam, RBT anemones

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    For sale: Fish, corals, clam, RBT anemones

    Hi all, I've had a great time in Pittsburgh but now it's time to move on, back to Canada. Rather than try to move my aquarium over the border I think it's better for the animals if I sell them locally and start fresh up there.

    Red flame hawkfish - $30 (claimed)

    Royal gramma - $10 (claimed)

    Yellow watchman goby - $10 (claimed)

    Yellow tail damsel - $5 (claimed)

    Vietnamese maxima clam, 5" closed - $50 (sold)

    Elegance coral, 4" closed - $50 (claimed)

    Frogspawn, 8 small heads - $40 (claimed)

    Fungia plate coral, 6" diameter - $30 (sold)

    Favia or Favites, 4" diameter - $30 (claimed)

    Galaxia coral, 3" diameter - $20 (claimed)

    Red polyp Monti, medium - $10 (sold)

    Diadema urchin, medium - $10 (claimed)

    3 RBT anemones, small - $20 each (2 sold, 1 claimed)

    Please bring your own bags / buckets if possible. Message me and I'll send you my number and we'll arrange a time to meet at my place. I live in Shadyside. Prices negotiable if you buy multiple. After the animals are gone I can sell the live rock for cheap.

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    Hi all, all of the animals have been claimed. I'll update this thread if any of the deals fall through. Thanks, Chris

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