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Thread: My 60 gallon SPS/LPS Reef

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    My 60 gallon SPS/LPS Reef

    I have a thread on reefcentral, but since I've been trying to become more involved on our own site, and less on sites that aren't as friendly I figured I'd post pics here. Forgive me all of you who have seen these before. This will be more of a photo-documentary.

    Building the stand

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    This is what it was like when it was originally set up. It no longer looks much like this due to a change in rock work, added sand, significant changes to the livestock, and the new pendant

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    You'll see this guy later. I won this in the raffle in 2009.

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    You'll also see this guy later. 20k lokani

    20k lokani in July (about 3 months after the first pic)

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    You can also see a lot of bubble algae. It wasn't one of the top 2 reasons why I re-did my tank, but it was a reason.

    Now we're in August. This was when I tore down my tank to start over. I wanted to do this to add a few tanks to the system, which meant re-doing the plumbing. I also wanted to deal with the problems of having run out of space and rampant hair algae which I had to meticulously pick off the rocks. Aiptasia was also becoming a significant presence in the tank, along with the aforementioned bubble algae. I also wanted a deeper sand bed after discussing the benefits in one of our club meetings last summer. Finally, my wife wanted to remodel and paint the living room. All this conspired into the tank being moved into a 50 gallon temporary system consisting of a 30g long and a 27g rubbermaid tub. What I hoped would be a 2 month process stretched into a 4 month process.

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    Fast-forward to January 2011...

    War coral from the raffle 2009

    The "guts" are still a work in progress. Until I know how everything is going to be, I'm leaving it a little less orderly than I'd like.

    I think I have some better pics of corals currently that I'll try to get up tonight. My WB and other settings on my new digital camera are not nearly as easy as the old one was, so I'm still struggling to get 1 in every 15 shots to actually come out like I want it to. Some shots just flat out refuse no matter how hard I try.

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