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Thread: East PA frag swap/LFS road trip: PICS

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    East PA frag swap/LFS road trip: PICS

    Cheers, all...going to try to add some pics and comments from our road trip yesterday. I had a really great time...lots of laughs, scored some beautiful creatures and loved seeing the LFSs again. Great deals at That FishPlace and Something Fishy (

    If you missed this one...DON'T miss the next one. Great fun and fellowship

    Special thanks to the drivers for the event.

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    I scored an orange sized piece of Acropora valida (tricolor for $10!), huge stalked Xenia for $5...beautiful Red Planet Acro and intense Montipora setosa for $20 each (pics to follow soon) at the frag swap...

    Then over at Something Fishy, a very uncommon Xeniid Sympodium (blue-green) for just 29, and a natural purple Long Tentacle anemone with red spotted base (friends just saw and photographed these in Bali!) $99 at the LFS and rather large (about 10" across)...working on pics now
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    Those LTA's were awesome! We had a great time also and good turnout (12 people)

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    more pics to come...

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    Looks awesome - wish I could have gone. Maybe next year.

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    Beautiful LTAs! The folks at Something Fishy were super friendly and had great prices, I'm glad we made the trip!

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    Had an awesome time. I got 3 beautiful frags from the swap. A red planet acro, pearlberry frag and a pokerstar monti. Ill post pics soon.

    I also had fun hanging with everyone. Had a ton of laughs hanging with everyone and meeting more ppl from the club. Something fishy is a very nice establishment along with that fish place. I look forward to doing this again

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