We got in a small shipment of fish today. If you are looking for any of the following let us know.

Angel: Lemon Peel
Basslet: Royal Gramma
Blenny, Lawnmower
Butterfly: Copperband (S)
Butterfly: Copperband (L)
Mandarin: Green (Large)
Goby, Clown Green
Goby, Clown Yellow
Goatfish: Yellow Back
Gobies: Jawfish Yellowhead
Gobies: Watchman Diamond
Hawk: Flame
Tang: Blue Hippo Med
Tang: Blue & Yellow Hippo
Tang: Yellow (sm)
Trigger: Clown
TrunkFish: Cowfish, Longhorn
TrunkFish: Cowfish, Longhorn (L)
Hermit, Red Leg
Shrimp: Peppermint