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Thread: WTS: Kessil A150 w/ gooseneck & Icecap 660

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    WTS: Kessil A150 w/ gooseneck & Icecap 660

    The Kessil was in use from November of 2011 until this January. It is the sky blue 10k. Works very well for shallower tanks but I'm now running halide on the frag and display. I will post picsthisevening.

    $180 or will entertain trades for larger/desirable SPS.

    I also have an Icecap 660 with wiring harness and power cord. No heatsink. It comes with 4 T5 endcaps and 2 reflectors.I boughtitused so I have no idea of the age but it worked fine for the six months I used it. The reflectors are not in great condition. Pics this evening as well.

    $60 or trades as above.

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    I have someone interested in the IceCap. Please hold it for me


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    Not a problem.

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    Pictures of the Kessil. The finish on the gooseneck is wearing as you can see in the last picture. I have the original mounting hooks as well. $170

    The IceCap with the reflectors. They are 48"

    I also have several T5 Bulbs. $25 for all. Both the UVL were bought with the IceCap last year. They appear to be unused or very briefly used.
    - 1 New ATI Aquablue Special
    - 1 New ATI Blue Plus fired one time
    - 1 New GE 6500K fired one time
    - 2 ATI Aquablue Special used for ~ 5 months
    - 1 UVL Actinic White
    - 1 UVL 75/25

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    The Icecap is gone.

    Kessil and bulbs still available.

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    Kessil sold.

    T5 bulbs still available.

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    How much for ATI bulbs?

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