PMASI Meeting May 18th @6pm
When: May 18, 2013 @ 6pm
Where: Comfort Inn - 699 Rodi Rd, Pittsburgh, PA 15235

When Tropic Marin attends marine aquarium conferences all over the US, it seems that the same questions get asked by most reef aquarists.
How Alkalinity and pH work together?
What is the relationship between Calcium and Alkalinity?
How do Calcium, Carbonate, Magnesium & Phosphate interact in the reef?
What is Chelated Calcium and why does it inhibit calcium absorption?
How are calcium and carbonate used by the coral polyp?
What is the Balling Method of calcium supplementation?

Through live video conferences using SKYPE, Lou Ekus, Director of US Operations for Tropic Marin USA, will present these basic principles, and entertain questions and other important reef keeping ideas, live and in realtime. These live video chats are specifically designed to explain principles that seem to be widely misunderstood by some people in the hobby through animated explanations that are graphic and slightly unscientific but understandable for all levels of aquarists.