• April 23 5-7 pm Elmer's Aquarium

    It has come to our attention that there was a problem with the water that we used during the coral fragging workshop. We mistakenly used the wrong jug of water. Due to this mistake corals perished. Unfortunately this was an unforeseen and unfortunate honest mistake.
    We value our members time and donations and ask that you give us the chance to make it right. On April 23rd we are going to bring new colonies and cut them up as we did this past Saturday. We ask that if you won any raffles that you bring back your labeled cup lids so that we can offer you replacements. We cannot guarantee the exact coral as we are at the mercy of what is available to purchase, but will do our best to try to make species to the best of our abilities. Thank you for your understanding in this matter
    We will start cutting up coral at 5pm April 23rd and will be available for pickup at Elmer's Aquarium between 5pm - 7pm