• Pmasi meeting-Jan 17th 6:00pm Elmer's aquarium

    PMASI meeting- Jan.17, 2015 6:00PM
    Where-Elmer's Aquarium (downstairs)

    This is our coral frag demonstration. We will instruct on the proper techniques to propagate your coral.We will also go over some ways to eliminate pests from coral. All of the frags made will then be put in our raffle that you can buy tickets for just a dollar.
    If you have any coral you would like to learn to frag yourself bring it to the meeting and we will show you how.
    We will be fragging a little bit of just about every kind of coral. We will also have a Rose bubble tip anemone we will be Propagating.
    Everyone,member or not is welcome to attend this meeting. Its a great opportunity for everyone to learn proper techniques and also go home with some great corals.