• PMAS Meeting 4/16/2011 James Fatheree - Topic Change

    When: April 16th @ 6pm
    Where: Comfort Inn - Rodi Road / Monroeville
    Topic: Reducing the energy demands of reef tanks

    James Fatheree is a prolific author on a wide variety of reef related topics. He may be best know for his outstanding book on Tridacnid clams. James will be speaking on reducing the energy consumption of reef tanks. Our hobby is very energy intensive, and we all owe it to the environment and to our wallets to try and reduce the amount of energy we use. The electric industry was recently deregulated in Pennsylvania which will almost certainly lead to an increase in rates over the next few years, so this will quite literally be valuable information! For those that were looking forward to a talk on clams, we have James' clam talk from MACNA XIX here in Pittsburgh on DVD in the PMASI library.
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    1. acesnales's Avatar
      acesnales -
      George and all,

      We have James' talk on Clams on DVD from MACNA XIX here in Pittsburgh. You are welcome to borrow it from the library. I will bring extra copies to the meeting.