View Full Version : Acans under $7, Zoos for $.50, Chromis for 2 bucks - Oh what a lucky tank you have!

11-27-2012, 05:35 PM
So many cool things for the eye to behold!!

Your saltwater aquarium (http://www.reefs2go.com/) will be sure to shine this holiday season turning those skeptics into believers.

Give them something to rave about:

https://static.zoovy.com/img/reefs2go//inv/c/misc/purple_greenacan_dd_smbanner_2.jpg (http://www.reefs2go.com/product/C-ACAN-PURPLEGREEN/Australian-Lord-Acan-Purple-Green--1-head-Acanthastrea-lordhowensis---Aquacultured.html)

The easiest coral to keep- does well under a variety of lighting options - and at $1 - who can resist?

Enjoy these Zoanthids (http://www.reefs2go.com/category/promotional.corals.soft-corals.zooanthids/) - Only from the Fish Chicks at Reefs2go.com!

John raved - "The Radio Active Zoanthids (http://www.reefs2go.com/product/C-ZOO-RADRAGONEYE/Radio-Active-Dragon-Eye-Zoanthids-Coral-Zoanthus-sp.html) arrived on the day they were promised, they actually had about 15 heads on the Frag !!
They took only a few hours to acclimate and opened up that night before I turned my lights off.
Now 3 weeks later they are looking fantastic and growing longer and larger by the day. well worth the small cost they charge for the Frag!
I will buy more for sure from Reefs2go.com (http://www.reefs2go.com/)!"

http://static.zoovy.com/img/reefs2go/-/inv/c/pol/radioactivedragoneye_1buck_2 (http://www.reefs2go.com/product/C-ZOO-RADRAGONEYE/Radio-Active-Dragon-Eye-Zoanthids-Coral-Zoanthus-sp.html)