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10-31-2012, 10:41 PM
does anybody have one that I can rent/borrow?


10-31-2012, 11:49 PM
The Majano Wand is great at killing Majanos and Aiptasia when they are out in the open.

As for the Majanos that swell up into a crevice or under your rocks, it is useless. The metal prong that comes out of the wand at an angle, can only penetrate the crevice so far. In addition, the wire that goes into the wand itself, is not water proof (on all the models i've seen), therefore preventing you from killing the ones underneath rocks.

Instead, try this:

1. Mix Kalkwasser with water until it is a toothpaste consistency.

2. Turn off all water movement (about 30 minutes). *****Kalk paste is very harmful to corals, if any lands on your coral, blow if off immediately as it can injure or kill your corals. I would only kill a few Majanos every other day, as adding too much Kalk can have devastating effects on your parameters.

3. Use an Aiptasia-X syringe to applicate the mixture onto your Majanos. Cover the whole mouth of the Majano.

*Do at your own risk*

Just wanted to give you my .02

11-01-2012, 11:08 AM
When I had the problem I did a similar tactic but slightly supercharged.

I would mix kalk and vodka till a supersaturated mixture then warm it in the microwave till around the 150-160 mark. Then used an actual syringe that I bought at tractor supply.

I would actually stab the needle into the flesh or into the hole it was pulled into and inject it. Was an instant death with what Was basically hitting them with a super alk shot. I used vodka instead of water to get more of a liquid solution instead of a paste that could land on corals as stated by aquaworld.