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10-07-2012, 08:25 PM
Whether it is saltwater fish (http://www.reefs2go.com/category/promotional.fish/), corals, inverts or macroalgae you are buying
we have a deal for you!!

We have tripled our warehouse and now with 20,000 gallons of saltwater - we have animals galore - so as we get new shipments every day - we have great deals to pass on to you, our fellow reef enthusiast.

Remember - orders over $150 ship Priority Overnight for FREE.

Since everything ships from our facility in Clearwater, you only have to meet the $150 minimum one time for the entire invoice to ship for Priority Overnight FREE.

Florida Folks - Your minimum is lower since we are In-State Shipping - All orders over $69.99 - ship FREE Priority Overnight within the state of Florida!!

From Yellow Tangs (http://www.reefs2go.com/product/F-TANG-YELLOW/Live-Saltwater-Fish-Yellow-Tang.html), Strawberry Basslets, Juvenile French Angelfish (http://www.reefs2go.com/product/F-ANGEL-FRENCH/French-Angelfish-Pomacanthus-paru.html) and Twin Spot Gobies (http://www.reefs2go.com/product/F-GOBY-TWINSPOT/Live-Saltwater-Fish-Twin-Spot-Goby.html) - our prices are amazing.

Green Emerald Crabs - Buy 1 for $4.99 get 1 FREE!!

Super Deals on Leather Corals (http://www.reefs2go.com/product/C-LEATHER-TOADST/Live-Saltwater-Toadstool-Leather-Coral.html), Ricordea florida, Ricordea Yuma (http://www.reefs2go.com/product/C-YUMA-GREEN/Green-Ricordea-Yuma-Coral.html), Hard Corals and More!!

Our Green Chromis (http://www.reefs2go.com/product/F-CHROMIS/Live-Saltwater-Fish-Green-Chromis.html) are a great fish to add to your order to assist in adding more sensitive fish to your tank since they create an additional distraction. They are $1.99 each - a great price for a great fish!!

https://static.zoovy.com/img/reefs2go/-/inv/cr/emeraldcrab_dailydeal (http://www.reefs2go.com/product/INV_CR_E_BOGO/Saltwater-Aquarium-Crabs-for-Marine-Aquariums-Emerald-Crab.html)