View Full Version : Velocity T4 Pumps For Sale (Blueline Custom Sea Life)

08-19-2012, 05:20 PM
I have (2) Custom Sea Life Velocity T4 pumps for sale. I am asking $125 each for local pickup. $200 takes both. If they don't sell here in a few days, they are going to RC and/or eBay.

The pumps are used, but pretty much bullet-proof. I will ensure both are fully cleaned with no calcium deposits. One served as my return pump for a few months and the other for my closed loop for several years. The return pump was shelved and used as a spare when the CL was being cleaned. Both pumps operate as expected and are in good condition and you really can't tell the diference internally or externally betweem the slightly used pump and the 6 year old pump.

These were made by for several years under a few names like Custom Sea Live, and BlueLine Aquatics.