View Full Version : For Trade - clownfish & chaeto

08-15-2012, 04:00 PM
I acquired a healthy ocellaris female clownfish (half orange and half black with misbar on one side, about 1.5 inch) from someone who did not want clown, without realizing that female clownfish in my 30G tank will not like her. After 5 minutes of intense fighting, I have to separate the new one and she is currently residing in a 2.5G pico reef. She looks happy eats well but the tank is too small for her for long run; so I would like to trade her for some other fish, that would be good for 30G FOWLR tank. I don't have any particular fish in mind at this point, so if you have something in mind PM me.

I also have some chaeto that I would like to get rid of, if anyone is interested for trading; it can be made part of clownfish trade too.