View Full Version : Bryopsis.. Any livestock remedies?

07-09-2012, 03:30 PM
I bought a frag of zoas for my 30 gal back in november that had some bubble algae, and what I thought was feather caulerpa. The snails and my emerald crab went nuts and it was all gone. A couple months later I saw stubs of it growing back.. It wast a big deal so I just picked it out and threw it away. Now, it's 6 months later and it is on other rocks and I can see small tufts of it in crevices. Its only noticeable if you know what it is, but its annoying me a lot. I've been picking it out still, but it grows back a lot faster since the addition of my third fish, a flame hawk. I'm guessing the additional nutrients caused this and now I'm seeing the effects of it. Ive decided that I will only do mag raises as a last resort, but ive tried low level hydrogen peroxide treatments and just picking it out. Neither have worked very well. I don't have an emerald crab anymore, but I have snails and hermits. Is there anything that will help me out? Worst case scenario is that I do a coral only tank so there are much less nutrients in the tank..