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big dog
12-30-2010, 09:17 AM
I'm going to re-arrange my tank. It's a 90 with overflow and I have plenty of rock (much more than needed and shown). When done I'll be housing approximately 7 fish totaling less than 20 inches. I know it all about personal eye appeal but what is your preference.

I currently don't have enough nooks and crannies. What is shown was the result of a tank move and I just wanted to get it going. I would like to get more rock to the front of the tank, currently it's just piled on the back. I'm currently ridding some of the population and I'm looking for some ideas.


12-30-2010, 11:04 AM
Big Dog,

Zip ties and PVC pipe "skewers" can be used to add stability to what would be a precarious structure. Just make sure that they aren't supporting too much weight. Zip ties and rocks can break if under constant tension. The stack should basically be self supporting. Chemi-grate is fantastic too (especially because it is strong enough to support real weight), but expensive. Check out Greg's new tank thread for pics of his chemi-grate structure. He did a great job with it.

I haven't seen to many tanks where it ends up looking better when someone tries to hide an overflow with rock. It usually ends up looking odd at best and almost always draws MORE attention to the overflow.

If possible, consider building your structure in a couple of large sections outside of the tank (or with the tank empty). It makes it much easier to stack, unstack and restack. The sections can then be placed into the tank fully assembled. Just be sure to make sure you get the footprint right and that it will fit back into the tank.

I like to use PVC or ABS (nice because it is black and disappears better) legs under rock structures, especially with sand beds. 3-4" diameter works well and should be about 1" longer than the planned sand depth. This improves water flow under the rocks and avoids rock/sand interface where detritus can accumulate.

PVC/ABS legs, skewers, etc. can be coated in sand using a thin layer of the appropriate cement as an adhesive. This helps make them less conspicuous and encourages coralline algae coverage.

Egg crate should never be used to support the weight of rock. It is too fragile.

Hope this helps and gets the ball rolling for others to make suggestions.


big dog
12-30-2010, 02:08 PM
Thank you .............. Greg was just here and he learned me all about the Chemi-grate ..... :)