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05-30-2012, 04:02 PM
Todays Daily Deal (BamBam Orange Zoanthids (http://www.reefs2go.com/product/C-ZOO-BG-BAMBAM/Aquacultured-Saltwater-BamBam-Orange-Zoanthids-Coral.html) - 5 polyps for $11.99) is GONE in 60 seconds - so get it while you can!!

Jeff of Baltimore said - "BamBams are hands down one of the coolest zoanthid corals in my tank! The orange is so intense, and really helps these polyps stand out from the rest. My frag came with 6 polyps, and has now grown to 19. This one doesn't bud quite as prolifically as the eagle eyes, but by no means am I disappointed.
I totally recommend this coral :) "

Also 25% off all corals Ends on 5/31/2012 - 23:59:59pm EST

Since this one is so close to SOLD OUT, I have a Sneak Peek of the NEW daily Deal!!

Thursdays Deal - Yellow Polyps - Only $9.99 - and with 25% off you pay only $7.50!!

https://static.zoovy.com/img/reefs2go/-/inv/c/pol/yellowpol_7_sm (http://www.reefs2go.com/product/C-POLYPS-YELLOW/The-Yellow-Polyps-is-a-Saltwater-Coral-which-is-an-easy-grower-reproduces-easily-and-is-extremely-beautiful.html)

http://static.zoovy.com/merchant/reefs2go/ColorSplash-25OFF-700x400-5.29.jpg (http://www.reefs2go.com)