View Full Version : Raffle items for May 19th meeting!

05-17-2012, 09:50 PM
Here are the raffle items for this weekend's meeting:

- Freshwater betta care pack
- Aquatongs
- Fish food from Omega One, ZooMed, and Instant Ocean
- 2 Kordon Ich-attack
- Assorted magazines
- Bulk Reef Supply Calcium Chloride
- R/O DI Filter Package from AquaFx (DI filter, Sediment filter, Carbon block)
- 3 Reef Cleaner Packs from Dave's AquaStock

The member's raffle will be a $25 gift card from Elmer's.

The Scuba Certification Raffle also begins this month and a winner will be drawn at the September meeting. Tickets for this and the traditional raffle are $1 each.

Please feel free to bring items for donation - we appreciate your generosity!