View Full Version : 50 Blue Leg Hermits + Free Shipping from Reefs2go.com + 10% off the entire site!

05-07-2012, 03:05 PM
Only have 48 of these packs left - so get 'em while you can!
You can also add LIKE items to the box - with out incurring additional shipping fees.
Plus if you decide to add any saltwater fish (http://www.reefs2go.com/category/promotional.fish/") (which ship via FEDEX Priority overnight), the shipping cost is reduced.

As always ALL Saltwater Aquarium Fish (http://www.reefs2go.com/) orders outside the state of Florida over $150.00 ship FREE. Within Florida- live orders over $69.99 - Ship FREE!

To get this deal click this word: 50 Clibanarius tricolor (http://www.reefs2go.com/product/INV_CR_B-50/Saltwater-Blue-Legged-Hermit-Crabs---keep-your-saltwater-aquarium-clean-naturally.html) Crab Deal!

Cheryl from OH raved about Reefs2go.com - Great deal on saltwater invertebrates (http://www.reefs2go.com/category/promotional.inverts/).
I purchased the blue leg hermit crab daily deal and was very happy to see they were ALL alive and active when I received them.
R2G provided great acclimation directions and even provided the tubing for drip acclimation! I was very impressed with the transaction process, shipment and delivery.
I will most definitely purchase from R2G again.

http://static.zoovy.com/merchant/reefs2go/bluelegs_-_50_for_30-freeship-DD.jpg (http://www.reefs2go.com)