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04-24-2012, 11:14 AM
Looking to add some additional lighting to my 90G that currently has a 4x54 HO system with 2-10,000K and 2-actinic. I am looking to add a LTA and plan to keep LPS, Soft and Polyps/shrooms. Listed below are the lights I am looking at. Let me know you opinion.

48" - 52" Marine Bright LED by Beamworks - $140
The Beamworks Marine Bright LED fixture provides a high quality, energy efficient light fixture that shimmers though that water. Use the 10000K white LED during the day and the Actinic Blue 460nm LED during the night. The Beamworks LED is a sleek and contemporary light fixture that will make any other aquarium light look dull. Long lasting LEDs with no bulb replacement required.
Extendable brackets - 48"-52" (120cm - 130cm).
Super energy efficient marine and freshwater aquarium lighting. No bulb replacement required.
• Dimensions - 47.00” x 5.00” x 1.00”
• Brackets add 0.65" in height
• Includes 54 LEDs
• 1 watt LED
• 3300 Lumen
• 46x 10000K LEDs
• 8x Actinic 460nm LEDs
• Slim and contemporary light design
• 2 mode on / off function for day and night use
• Extendable bracket - 48"-52" max extend
• Extendable bracket - 120cm - 130cm max extend
• Non-corrosive powder coated aluminum housing
• Splash guard
• 110V - 220V
Listing includes:
• 1x 48" LED light fixture
• 1x Power supply

Odyssea 48" - $100
T5 High Output Light 216 watts with TIMER
Approx Fixture Size: 48.25"L x 8.5"W x 3"H
•T5 HO 54W x4.
•Dual Lunar module x4. ( 2 LEDs in each module)
•CE Certified.
•Built in digital timer ( NEW improved model)
•Individual power switches for T5HO bulbs, and LEDs.
•HQ light reflecter.
•Non-corrosive coated compact housing
•Free Bulbs in each unit: 2x 54W 10000K daylight bulbs, 2x 54W True Actinic bulbs, 4x Dual lunar LEDs .


04-24-2012, 11:29 AM
For the things that you plan to keep your current fixture should be fine as long as you have good reflectors. Just get some good bulbs that put out decent par. The only thing that might give you problems is the lta, they LOVE light so if anything just keep it higher in the tank closer to the light.

What fixture are you currently running?

04-24-2012, 04:38 PM
I am currently running a Deep Blue Professional 4x54. This the the lighting system that came with the system when I bought it a few weeks ago. The 10,000K are about a month old, the actinic about 4 months and I am unsure the brand. The LTA is the main reason I was looking at adding more lighting. What brand is the best and who has them at a resonable price?

04-24-2012, 06:17 PM
ATI, UVL, and Geissman(sp?) are considered the best bulbs. For reflectors you want individual parabolic reflectors. ATI and Tek are good brands but you definitely want individual reflectors.

04-24-2012, 08:40 PM
With LEDs you'll want more than just the 10000k. That will give you great growth but higher temps will give better color, like 14000 or 20000k. Also you'll want a mix of colors like neutral white, bright white, cool blue, royal blue, and magenta. I'm running the Ecoxotic Panorama Pro 12k/445nm white/blue module plus an RGB module which can do any color. I'm going to add another 12k/445nm module and probably a stunner strip as well. The AI Sols are really impressive on the larger tanks too. I think you'll be happier with T5 if you don't want to invest in a wide array of LED temps and colors.

As for the nem, if you have small fish or corals you really love be careful. They'll move all around until they find a happy spot. Also you'll need a cover for your intakes and power heads so it doesn't climb in and get chewed up. Carpet anemones tend to move less. My BTA is all over the tank about once a week and that's when I know it's hungry.