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03-14-2012, 11:32 AM

This week Dave's Aquastock turns another year older! In honor of this and spring we are offering a spring cleaning sale. All snails & crabs are buy 1 get 1 FREE.
--Buy 10 Margaritas for $10 get 10 Free
--Buy 10 Red Legs for $10 get 10 Free
and on and on and on and on... *No other discounts and or coupons apply

Dave's Aquastock Perks!
Now with every purchase earn points that you can redeem for discounts and gift cards. Every purchase earns you points, on your first purchase you will get an email to join our program and allow you to track your points online. You can login and send email referrals and get 100 bonus points once they make their first purchase.

Latest Shipment:

We have a new assortment of fish that just arrived today:

Angel: Blue Fin Multispinis
Angel: Coral Beauty
Anthias: Highfin Perchlet
Anthias: Orange Female (M)
Anthias: Orange Male (M)
Blenny: Black Comb-Tooth
Goby: Watchman Blue Spotted
Goby: Firefish Purple
Goby: Panda
Gobies: Watchman Diamond
Tang: Atlantic Yellow Phase (s)
Tang: Atlantic Yellow Phase (m)
Wrasse: Solorensis Male
Wrasse: Solorensis Female
Wrasse: Mystery
Crab: Emerald
Shrimp: Cleaner (L)
Shrimp: Coral Banded Pair
Star: Brittle
Urchin: Pencil

If you need anything and are attending the PMASI meeting on March 17th we can deliver it for no extra charge. If you are not a PMASI member you can get more information about the club at http://www.pmasi.org. PMASI members get 10% off livestock & coral.

Soon you will see all our current promotions on the Featured Section in the main page of our site. The site is still undergoing some maintenance but is getting close to being ready this week.The new site will be updated in real time and all items in the store will be online now as they are added to our tanks.