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03-13-2012, 10:21 AM
Limited time offer from Reefs2go.com (http://www.reefs2go.com/) on our Buy 1000 amphipods and copepods (http://www.reefs2go.com/product/INV_POD-1000-BOGO/Live-Saltwater-Amphipods-Copepods-1000---Buy-1-Get-1-FREE.html) - Get a 1000 FREE package - Only $24.99

Jeff of Maryland said this "I have ordered these copepods (http://www.reefs2go.com/product/INV_POD-1000-BOGO/Live-Saltwater-Amphipods-Copepods-1000---Buy-1-Get-1-FREE.html) and amphipods several times, and each time I am amazed at the biodiversity in the bags! My dragonette is a pig, and he can eat quite a few of these little guys, but once introduced to my fuge and display tank, they don't need repopulating very often because of how well they reproduce. Reefs2go (http://www.reefs2go.com/) is an incredible company, and customer service is impeccable!"


03-14-2012, 10:53 AM
Sale ends at midnight est!