View Full Version : Been a while. Update:

09-23-2011, 08:08 AM
Hey guys, it's been a while since I popped in. Things have been busy, I sold my business in June and have been back in school for another degree. My reef is still going, I had a rough patch there for a when I replaced my bulbs, I fried alot of zoas and bleached my LPS and SPS. I couldn't figure it out but anyway, things are back to normal.

I am thinking if upgrading from the 180 acrylic to the 100 glass cube that I saw at Elmers. If so, I'm going to have to sell my T5 lighting that is on my 180, it's Ray's old Constelation setup. If anyone has interest, please let me know. Also the 180 will have to go at some point as well, it has it's own canopy and stand. It's acrylic so it's scratched but a huge tank if you want a big fish.

Anyway, I'll be on here alot more and look forward to talking to you.