View Full Version : Huge lot dry rock titanium heater test kits 100.00

05-29-2014, 12:13 PM
I have a bunch of misc stuff remaining from selling off my salt equipment. I now have this big thing of misc stuff that I just want rid of. Here is a list

40 pounds cleaned bathed cherry pieces of dry rock
5 pound bag of 1-2" nice rubble pieces
A few salifert test kits about 1/4 used and don't expire till later this year.
Misc koralia power head pieces parts. I cleaned them all and put them in a bin. They need impellers but there are 2-3 evo 750s and a few little ones
Misc pumps for mixing and transferring water
Frag tools and tiles plugs etc
300 watt true temp digital heater titanium might need a new temp probe
A bucket of washed live sand
2 32 gallon rubber maid cans for mixing storing water with lids
6- 5.5 gallon heavy duty plastic jugs for water

Anything else I may find goes with it. Would like to sell as a lot and just get it all out of my garage.

First crisp 100 dollar bill takes it all.

I will not take offers. This is an amazing price, the rock is worth almost double that alone.

I can text or email pics if needed.