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02-06-2014, 12:34 PM
I have not been an active member due to personal schedule, but now that things are settling down I would like to get more into it. So, im looking for some advice on controllers. I would like to be able to control my led's, top off, and potentially some dosing, as well as monitor parameters. I would like to here from local people with controllers and their opinions on which may be best for those wants.

02-08-2014, 06:12 PM
I like the Profilux from GHL. With this controller the sky is the limit.
However it is kind of pricy.
It all depends what you really want to do with it. I believe most people using the Apex Controller.
Do your research to find out what fits best function wise and of cause money-wise.

02-10-2014, 01:43 PM
i picked myself up an apex jr. a little while ago and have been very happy with it.

i went with the jr because i wasn't really interested in adding a ton of control modules, since my LEDs have their own controllers.

i mainly have it wired up for monitoring temperature, so if it goes too high it will shut off all heaters, where as if it goes too low it will kick the backup heater on, and to have all my pumps on a single switch so i can use a feeding mode to turn everything off.

i'm probably going to get the salinity monitor in the near future.

my only real complaints about it are that the android app is buggy. still in "beta" for about a year at this point with no updates, and that the email functionality requires an smtp that does not use ssl. which is stupid.

other than that, i have been very pleased with it though. they do have all kinds of nifty expansion modules for controlling your lights, ato, leak detection, and other nifty stuff.

02-12-2014, 01:07 PM
I would love to have android control. I have dimmable diy leds that I would like to control and in the future I would like to run dosing pumps. I also have a mp10 that I would like to have control of. And I was also wondering if any of the controller have a nice automated feeding feature?

On a side note does anyone have a reef angel controller?

02-17-2014, 12:36 PM
there is an auto feeder that is made specifically for the apex. i can't speak to whether or not it is a good piece of kit because i've never used it, but they do make one. you could also always hook up pretty much any auto feeder to a controlled outlet and either put it on a timer, turn it on or off manually via the phone app or web interface when you're away, or set any other conditions on it.

it will control your mp10 i believe with the addition of a module to it, i think it is called the VDM module, but don't quote me on that.

as far as the DIY LEDs i believe it can do dimming, but *may* need a special kind of adapter to dim to 0%. again i can't say for sure, as i've only read what some others have said about it, but i did see folks talking about certain types of LEDs that require an adapter due to how the signal is processed.

on a related note, i got my PM2 salinity module and probe this past weekend. very cool to be able to monitor my salinity in real time and make sure my ATO hasn't gone goofy or whatnot.

02-20-2014, 08:07 AM
First off, thanks for the info. It seems I can read a ton, but it doesnt seem real until I talk to people using one. I would love the ability to monitor some parameters. I think im going to pull the trigger on the reef angel and ill be sure to let you guys know how its going.

02-20-2014, 12:55 PM
yeah my pleasure.

i know i was way overwhelmed at first researching the different controller options out there, and even configuration options for individual controllers. sometimes it seems like they make the information purposefully confusing or obtuse. ha.

the only down side to having the controller is that i now obsessively check the tank params all day no matter where i am. great for spotting problems and making sure things are ok, but in many ways the last thing i needed was a better way to obsess over what the tank was doing. ;)

i would definitely be interested in how the reef angel works out. i'm slowly piecing together another tank now, and have been entertaining the option of trying a different brand of controller. i am, after all, an unapologetic gear whore.

02-20-2014, 11:52 PM
Well let you know how it goes.