View Full Version : New Sustainable Aquatics Shipment

09-17-2013, 09:16 PM
We got in a nice shipment of Captive Bred clown and tank raised tangs

SA Vivid Fancy Ocellaris
SA Gold Stripe Maroon
SA Black Full Bar Ocellaris
SA Mocha Ocellaris
SA Harptail Blenny
Berghia Nudibranch
SA Stripped Clingfish
SA Sunrise Dottyback
SA Snow Onyx
Tang: Yellow
SA Neon Dottyback
SA Chocolate Clown
Tang: Blue Hippo SM

Also a load of inverts from the south florida area
Hermit, Red Leg Keys
Crabs: Scarlet Reef Hermit
Gorgonian: Corky Finger
Anemone: Rock Flower
Anemone: Rock Flower Red
Anemone: Rock Flower Ultra Green
Crab: Arrow
Crab: Emerald
Shell, Bivalve: Scallop Flame
Snail: Cerith
Snail: Conch Fighter
Shrimp: Peppermint
Starfish: Serpent
Basslet: Royal Gramma
Sponge: Red Tree
Red Actinia Morph