View Full Version : New Shipment in from a new supplier!

06-14-2013, 04:19 PM
I've got great news! I found another new supplier!!

I have, just arrived:

Basket Star
"Ninja" Star snails for $1.50 ea. (cheapest you can get them online is $2-3 ea.
MACRO ALGAES!!!!! (I have red tube, red grape, chaeto, and KELP! WOO WOO!)
Pipe Fish!!
Green Tassle File Fish (The kind that eat aiptasia)
SPONGES!!! (various yellows and oranges: neat looking and large!)
Horseshoe Crabs, Flame Scallops, Red Legs, Turbos, Peppermints, Emeralds, Porcelines...

We are also having a Lobo sale. All are large than my fist, and none cost more than $39.99!!

Come up and have dinner at the North Country Brewery or Ginger Hill, and go home with big, healthy, cheap inverts and corals!

We ALWAYS carry $45/200g box salt Reef Crystals, Reef Snow, and mysis shrimp.

Check the new website look at www.slipperyrockcorals.com (http://www.slipperyrockcorals.com)



06-27-2013, 09:15 AM

1.) Website Redesigned!! Tell us what you think!!
2.) LOTS of New Corals are in! I have a ridiculous Chalic and Zoa/Pally collection now.......and some harder to find macro Algaes........We have over 400 Colonies and an additional 150 frags!!!

3.) Regular Hours are: Open Tuesday 6-9pm, Friday 6-9pm, and Saturday 12-5pm

Please call ahead on chalices...Prices will be posted soon...Zoas & Pallys: LA Lakers, Red Hornets, Dragon Eyes, Man-o-War, Candy Apple Reds, Gold Dust Sand Dollar, Blue Sun Dials, Green Implosion, Brown Implosion, Cinnamon Chalices: Bubblegum, Purple Medussa, Red Lava, Green Monster, Miami Hurricane, Dawn of the Dead, Cinnamon, Purple People Eater, Red/OrangeSPS: Stylophora, Green Slimer, Spongeoid, Sunset montipora, Red Montipora LPS: Hammer Softies: Umbrella, Pinecone Singulara, Devil's Hand, Green Toadstools, Yumas, Large Hairy Mushrooms, Cabbage, mushrooms...don't forget to try a Ninja Snail or Sponge! Macro Algae also in.

We are currently working on a picture page for this website and are partially there, so check out some new photos!!