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05-30-2013, 03:01 PM
Hi Guys! It is good to be back after the lo-o-ong move!

Last month, I took the plunge from hobbyist to LFS owner and bought SlipperyRockCorals.com (http://SlipperyRockCorals.com) from Jerry. The store will now officially support PMASI (yay!), and I'll work with Dave B. to put a proper write-up in the sponsor area of the site forum.

In the mean time, I wanted to reintroduce myself and tell you the reason WHY on earth I decided to do this! Most of you know me when I was in Butler, and my wife and little girl came to the meetings regularly. We volunteered for the Pittsbugh hosting of MACNA (now I am taking you back in the day!), and we donated a ton of hardware and frags to the raffles to support the club. I then had to tear down my 150g (and others) to move, replace the drilled floor, switched jobs, and am still refurbishing the house we bought in SR. I have been busy, but see light at the end of the tunnel....

WHY am I doing this? Well, firstly, I was annoyed so many of our LFSs have gone under over the years. I do some world travel for my mortgage-paying job, and have made direct contacts on the other side of the planet. Why not try and bring some goodies home to this area at rational prices (also mari-cultured goodies too)? So, I am trying it out and seeing if Pittsburgh hobbyists can support the store, and get what they want: full colonies at 'frag'-like prices. I have a real store front with real bills, but no interest in over-charging.

I have 17 tanks set up with fish, inverts, and corals. All salt. I take trades and do frag swaps and hope to host one too!! This is the same thing I did as a hobbyist! Finally, I am re-vamping the website, which is pretty lame (it's OK, you can say it!), and will have that done by this weekend, I hope. Check the website for hours, and I also take appointments. I know this space is not meant for adverts, so this isn't one. It's an old member rejoining with some cool news!

Finally, I also believe in supporting my fellow LFSs. There should be camaraderie and that is how I work; with so few of us left, we should help each other. If my fellow LFSs need something, I'll help if I can.

Thanks for all your support and the kind welcomes I have received so far!

...and a special thanks to the great Ray Nist for his skimmer!!

aka: levichar

05-31-2013, 06:48 PM
Thanks for supporting PMASI Ray,
Sounds like you got a great plan for success, I'll have to stop up and see the store to give a little support back. Looking forward to it.