View Full Version : Equipment sale from down grade

05-19-2013, 05:57 PM
Here are some items left over from my 180 and 120 tear down.

Super Reef Octopus XP3000 internal Cone skimmer, 3 years old, works perfectly, rated to 300 gallons. $700 new, $425 picked up

Super Reef Octopus XP2000 internal cone skimmer with no pump $200, new pump about $150. I'll order a brand new pump for it if you buy it for $350. New about $530.

Geo 618 kalk reactor new $315, $190

Geo kalk reactor clone $150, a bit bigger, made by a guy from the Cleveland club, actually nicer quality than the Geo

Geo 618 calcium reactor new $415, $250

Will also have 4-5 Echotech MP-40w's for $225 each and a MP-10 non wireless for $125

Spectrapure Litermeter 1 - $100

Spectrapure Litermeter 3 - new $360, $225

Will post some pictures tonight.