View Full Version : Algae Scubber/Plate

01-27-2011, 04:32 PM
I'm thinking about putting in a DIYAlgae scrubber/plate/field/what-have-you over part of my sump. Any opinions/advice on the usage of these? My current phos/'trates are fine, just looking to play around with some new techniques (and I guess it wouldn't hurt to have one if I was out on vacation and my skimmer fails...)


01-28-2011, 12:07 AM

All you need is some plastic screen, a tray of some sort and a light.

Some designs incorporate some kind of surge device or have the whole tray dump intermittently in order to expose the turf to air, but in my experience that is not necessary. The most important thing is that only a thin film of water flows over the screen. If the screens are submerged you will get algae other than turf and possibly aiptasia growing on the screens. A very small powerhead is plenty to feed the screens.

Michaels and Joanne Fabrics sell plastic screen meant for needlepoint. It works very well for the screen. about 1 square foot per 50 gallons is a decent (but very flexible) rule of thumb.

For the light, you can get a waterproof compact fluorescent spot light fixture from Home Depot or even walmart.

It is ideal for the tray to be covered somehow because of splashing and the potential for a lot of evaporation.

Hope this gets you started!