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04-05-2013, 11:41 AM
Its that time of year again! It has been over 8 months since our last bulb group buy.

We are doing it the same this year as we have in years past.
All ATI Bulbs and GE Bulbs are 10% off the price listed below.
If we hit 50 individual bulb purchases that discount will increase to 15%. Everyone will get the discount if you order early or not.
The last day to order will be 04/07/2013
expecting arrival of bulbs on or around 4/12/2013

24" 24watt Coral Plus $19.95
36" 39watt Coral Plus $20.95
48" 54watt Coral Plus $21.95
60" 80watt Coral Plus $23.95

24" 24watt Blue Plus $18.95
36" 39watt Blue Plus $19.95
48" 54watt Blue Plus $20.95
60" 80watt Blue Plus $22.95

24" 24watt Purple Plus $19.95
36" 39watt Purple Plus $20.95
48" 54watt Purple Plus $21.95
60" 80watt Purple Plus $23.95

24" 24watt AquaBlue Special $19.95
36" 39watt AquaBlue Special $20.95
48" 54watt AquaBlue Special $21.95
60" 80watt AquaBlue Special $23.95

24" 24watt True Actinic $19.95
36" 39watt True Actinic $20.95
48" 54watt True Actinic $21.95
60" 80watt True Actinic $23.95

24" 24watt GE 6500 $14.95
36" 39watt GE 6500 $14.95
48" 54watt GE 6500 $14.95
60" 80watt GE 6500 $17.95

Your choices for ATI are the Coral Plus, Blue Plus, Purple Plus, AquaBlue Special, True Actinic.

GE only comes in one option through us, the GE 6500

If you are interested in other bulbs let me know and we can try but we get a quantity discount on ATI and feel it is a better product.

Email over your order to sales@davesaquastock.com or reply to this email. We will reply with your order confirmation and total.

Payment will be due at the time of pickup
Pickup available in store only
PA Tax is not included and will be added @6%

Please let me know if you have any questions.